Why you should blog?

Why you should blog?

Yesterday I sat down with a pen and piece of paper and pondered on the above question,here are the things i wrote:-


1)You can earn money.

2)You are working for yourself,there is no one on top of your head giving you orders.

3)If you work hard,you can make your blog a full fledged legitimate business,i.e. you can built a real business out of your blog and not just do it as a hobby.


1)Blogging is a long game,it is not a get rich quick thing.

2)It takes years to build a successful blog.

3)There are too many parameters involved,too many parameters you need to keep in mind to make your blog successful.

I know the title of this post is a question trying to convince you to blog,or maybe trying to ask you why are you not blogging? While it is common to list down and explain only the pros in such a scenario,i try to deviate a little bit from the tried and tested method.I also list down the cons which are equally important and are often overlooked when anybody makes a decision to take up blogging either as a hobby or as a full time profession.

Let’s start with the pros.You should blog because there is money in it.Who doesn’t like having a side income coming in every month with a little investment of your time,energy and money.Blogging is a great way to make that side income.You should blog because you are answerable to nobody.Are you among those people who doesn’t like to take orders,or who doesn’t like to be bossed around because if you are,blogging provides you with an opportunity to become your own boss.You set the deadlines,you set the goals and everything is done by you,for you.And finally you should blog because,you can turn your blog into a million dollar business.There are bloggers who are earning that kind of money,believe me,Harsh Agrawal who runs shoutmeloud.com,Amit Agrawal who runs labnol.org,Deepak Kanakaraju who runs digitaldeepak.com and many more like them.So should you blog?

Well i will give you my opinion a little bit later but first lets just go through the cons.

The number one con of blogging is that it is not a get rich quick scheme.I think the thought of making money online and becoming your own boss blinds people into thinking that today i will start a blog and tomorrow money will be credited in my bank account,which of course is not the case, at all.It takes time to build a blog which will make you money,you need to keep that in mind.It takes years to build a successful blog and there are multiple parameters involved in the process.What topic are you blogging about? Are you a fast learner? How quickly can you grasp concepts like SEO,keyword research and marketing? Is your writing good? Are you providing value to your readers? Have you clearly understood what different methods you can use to monetize your blog? Honestly,I can go on and on,the list is endless.This entire thing is a time game my friends.Are you patient enough to continue building something which may become successful in the future? You have to decide that for yourself.

So should you take up blogging or not?

I cannot answer that question for you.You have to figure that out by yourself.However I can share with you why I took up blogging.You know all throughout my growing up years,my teachers and everybody labelled me as a follower,someone who is great at following someone but not at leading something.My initial motivation to start blogging was to earn money as is i think every individual’s who starts blogging for the first time.But slowly i realized money can’t be the motivation when you start something like blogging.It has to be something more.Blogging gave me an opportunity to take something head on and lead from the front.This blog which you are reading and all the other blogs which i have started,for me they are like my own startups which i am building.I am learning something every day and it makes me happy seeing my progress.Blogging has taught me patience.It has made me realize that it takes time to build great things. You know Jeff Bezos once asked Warren Buffet in an interview,”Your investment thesis is so simple,why doesn’t everyone just copy you?” and Warren Buffet responded by saying,”Because nobody wants to get rich slow.”It takes time my friends to build something great,just get that in your head.Overall I would say,money may be the initial motivator but take up blogging to become a better person,to know better about yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of building something from scratch.

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