How to get Adsense account approval for your BlogSpot blog?

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

Adsense is a ad network by google that helps you monetize your content by displaying ads.Now to earn money from it,you need to do two things: first,you need to get your Adsense account approved and second,generate traffic to your blog/website.A lot of people struggle in both the above steps but in my experience getting Adsense account approval is much easier than generating traffic for your blog/website.

Now Adsense is predominantly used by content creators to monetize their content in two places,YouTube and Blogs/Websites.YouTube has separate policies for approving Adsense account which are subject to their terms and conditions. Comparatively,getting Adsense account approval for Blogs/Websites is much easier.

In this post,I will tell you the steps you need to follow to get Adsense account approval for your BlogSpot blog.

1)Domain name

The number one thing you need to do to get Adsense account approval for your BlogSpot blog is buy a domain name for your blog.I can’t tell you guys how many blogs I started on the Blogger platform,wrote good content,marketed it but when I applied for Adsense I got rejected just because I was using the Blogger sub-domain.A custom domain name ensures that your blog is trustworthy and hence genuine.The moment I bought a custom domain for my BlogSpot blog and applied for Adsense,within a month my Adsense account got approved.Believe me,custom domain name matters.You can read more about domain names here.

2)Write original content

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this but still write original posts for your blog.Please no copying content from other websites,blogs or anywhere else on the internet because google is way,way smarter than you think.It will catch you instantly and ban your Adsense account for such malpractices.Make sure to write at least 15-20 blog posts before you apply for Adsense.Don’t worry if your posts don’t have enough views.Make sure the articles are grammatically correct.You can use grammarly for this purpose.

3)Privacy Policy,Terms and Conditions page

You will find a lot of websites saying you need a privacy page,terms and conditions page incorporated in your blog before you apply for Adsense and this is true if you have a self hosted blog.For BlogSpot blog,you don’t need these pages but having them won’t do any harm either.Remember one thing,the gmail id using which you buy your domain name must be the same id you use to apply for Adsense.

Finally,I would say,getting approval for Adsense is the easy part but getting traffic to your blog is the hard part.You will get your Adsense account approved but if you don’t have any traffic to your blog,it’s of no use.Tell me in the comment section below if your Adsense account got approved or rejected and if you know any other points you might wanna recommend.

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