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If you are a newbie in blogging,you will encounter the above terms multiple times without fail.I am pretty sure you have a general understanding of what they are.But I will still explain you the difference between them albeit a bit differently.Let’s start with is a blogging platform by google.If you have a google account,you can create a blog on and start blogging.You can create up to 100 blogs per google account on

It is a free platform since domain name and hosting of your blog is provided by google. Now when you create a blog on,the blog address you receive is a sub-domain and not an actual domain.For example, —–> actual domain —–> sub-domain

You can change your blog address from sub-domain to actual domain by buying a domain name and assigning that domain name to your blog.As per hosting,the blogs you create on is hosted by google on it’s servers. is easy to use and the best place to learn the basics of blogging. You can also start earning money from your blog if your blog generates enough traffic.

For all it’s pros,the cons of using out weights the pros easily.First,since your blog is hosted on google servers,technically google has a right on your blog which means google can shut your blog any time without asking your permission.Whatever content you create on is again technically not yours,google has a right on it.If you violate google’s terms and conditions,again,google can shut down your blog.Second, has limited themes and lacks the option to install plugins which is one of its biggest limitation.Themes play a huge role in any blog because a good theme can enhance the overall performance of the blog and a bad theme can do the reverse of it.Similarly plugins can help add lot more functionality to your blogs with zero hassle and their absence from the blogger platform is a big down vote. Now you can earn money from your Blogger blog through Google AdSense but using other forms of monetization is always a question mark because google having control of your blog may or may not allow you to pursue other forms of monetization for your blog.In my opinion, is a good place to start blogging but not a good place to stay from a long term perspective.Lets move on to

Now from here things get a bit offers a lot more features than,let’s look at them one by one. First, offers 4 different plans for your blog. Plans Plans

As you can see starting from the free plan,you have Personal,Premium and Business plan with additional features getting added as you move from free to Business.There is also a fifth plan called eCommerce where you can open your own online store.

eCommerce Plan
eCommerce Plan

Now if you compare and the free plan of,they are pretty much the same.If you start a blog on both these,you will get a subdomain as and Also you get free hosting with both these plans.However,wherein in you can assign an actual domain name to your blog,you need to upgrade from Free to Personal Plan in to assign a domain name to your blog.Also with AdSense integrated in,you can earn money from it without any hassle if your blog is generating enough traffic.However,the same cannot be said for free plan.You need to upgrade to a Premium,Business or eCommerce plan to access features offering different monetization techniques for your blog.If you are ready to pay at the very least for a premium plan in than you get access to tons of features which you won’t get in

In my opinion,starting a blog in is definitely better than starting a blog using the free plan of,however if you are willing to shell money and buy at the very least the premium plan in,you get a hell lot of features and monetization options for your blog than what you will get if you start a blog in let’s move to

Of all the above three, is easily distinguishable but major confusion arises between and because if you get all features in by just selecting a plan and paying for it,why is needed?

Well,first of all,WordPress is a content management system managed by the WordPress Foundation.It is a software released on May 27,2003,by its founders,Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little under the GNU General Public Licence.Matt Mullenweg later founded the company Automattic in 2005 which manages and a ton of other products.

Now since WordPress was released under the GNU General Public Licence by its founders , it has become an open source software which you can download from of the major difference between using WordPress from and is its hosting.While in,all your hosting worries are taken care of,with,you host your own blog or website.Let me break it down for you.If you use,you need to pay for a plan and accordingly you will get access to features provided by your chosen plan.Here you need to pay a single fee for a plan at a single location and accordingly you get access to features depending on what plan you have chosen. However if you use,you can download the WordPress software,install it and host it on your own web server,or you can host your WordPress blog on many web hosts which are out there providing this service,WordPress itself recommends Bluehost, Dreamhost, SiteGround to host your blog.

In general if you ask me the question,why should I use and not,I would say for more control and flexibility for your WordPress website.No matter what, tells you to choose a plan which means you have to work within the framework of that plan.You do not have the entire control of your blog in with,you have control of your blog/website from start to finish.This gives you the power to change anything in your blog,modify each and every file,try different types of themes and plugins which you might not be allowed with and customize your blog in whatever way you want as per your need.

Overall I would say, is a good place to start blogging but is the best place to think about blogging from a long term and business perspective.As per,if any of its plan,satisfies the list of things you are looking for your blog/website,you should buy it.

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